The Flock

Building our chicken run

Hey! Christmas is right around the corner and I have a major case of “gift wrapping procrastination”. It’s bad and every day Amazon delivers yet another present and I put it in my procrastination pile… I have a problem.


Okay, confessional is over and it’s time to talk chickens. We started building our run! It’s taking about 4 times as long as we planned but it is gonna look really-really cute. It is going to be white and I have the cutest Fresh Eggs sign for the door. It isn’t done yet but I wanted to do a progress post since it’s taking so long to finish.

Being a new chicken mama I had no idea what went into a chicken coop, or a chicken run, OR that a coop and a run are technically two different things. Normally I’d have designed and built my own coop from scratch but since I’d never even seen inside an actual coop I decided to buy a pre-made kit from and start from there. (PS there are already about 4 things I’d change about my coop but I wouldn’t go back and not buy the kit-coop because without it I wouldn’t know what I like vs what I don’t). Here’s a photo of our kit-coop all set up in the garage while we build the run and I harden off the chicks. 


The plan for our run all along included a big enclosed space that our kit-coop would sit inside of. Initially I didn’t plan to have the run covered, but once I ordered our chicks I started noticing how many hawks are on our property. I swear I see at least one a day.

After settling on about 3 different places the coop should live and re-designing the run 4 times we hit the hardware store for supplies. I should cop up now… I don’t do any (ANY) of the building. I do the research and the designing, Mr. Wise does all the building with the help of his parents.


The run is 10’x12′ with a slanted metal roof that goes from about 8′ down to 6′ which is great because I can walk the entire thing without ducking. It’s built from 2″x4″s, 4″x4″s, and 2″x6″s. We’re using 1/4″ hardware cloth in the ground and around bottom and 1″x2″ fence wire for the rest of the walls.


I painted everything with some white Fence + Barn paint I already had. I didn’t plan for the run to be white but I’m really digging it!


The first day of building we got the posts in the ground with concrete. We attached the base boards to help support the posts while the concrete set. We’re going to take them off later to attach the hardware cloth that will go in the ground to keep predators out.


This is where we’re at now on build day two. All the structure-ey stuff that holds the roof up is done and the metal roof is ready to be attached tomorrow. I can’t wait.

Once the roof is up we’ll attach the wire to the sides, trench and place the hardware cloth, then put the coop in and let the chicks start their new life in the greater outdoors. They’re going to love it. They love sitting in the sunshine that comes in when I open the garage.

Our goal is to have the run done by Christmas Eve and we’re still on track. I can’t wait for the chicks to move in. Our fall was so wet, they haven’t gotten to go outside and explore yet. It’s going to be so much fun!!

Thanks for stoppin’ by.




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