Hi. My name’s Maren and this is my brand new little blog.


In October my husband and I bought our dream house. It’s a little green house sitting on 1.8 acres in a beautiful town outside of Chico, CA. Our land is filled with established garden beds, fruit trees, wild blackberries, black oaks, big pines and a tiny little creek.


We moved out here to the boonies because we were tired of the hustle and bustle of the big city. Mr. Wise was commuting almost 3 hours a day and we were both miserable.

We’ve loved living out here every single minute and I can’t believe we ever thought living anyplace else was a good idea. I wish I’d have spent the last 5 years out here, seriously.

When we were searching for our perfect house having L-A-N-D was a top priority. I have big plans for huge gardens; floral and vegetable. I desperately wanted my own flock of chickens. I wanted to expand my soap making hobby… I like the idea of producing what you need rather than buying it and finding ways to make things you use every day.

Okay… back to the moving. Buying a house in October didn’t allow for my garden dreams to immediately come true. Sigh, yes patience is a virtue! I did completely clear three giant areas, which will be used for vegetables and herbs in the spring. But I was feeling a little antsy to get my hands diy dirty. So, after reading a very convincing article on the benefits of brooding chicks in the fall…

I ordered 3 day old chicks from a hatchery in Ohio, delivered on election day. November 7th! Am I crazy?! Maybe. But I’m having way to much fun to care.

The day Mr. Donald Trump was elected the 45th president of the United States I started our little farm. It consists of June Carter the Easter Egger, Olive the Blue Andalusian and Cora the Buckeye.


Our dog Chloe, was mesmerized by chicken nugget dreams like, instantly!

Anyways, I thought I’d start this little blog to chronicle our new life filled with hobbies, trials and errors, adventures in gardening. I hope to find a place to start making soap this spring. I can’t wait to see where all of it takes me.



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